Now that you are here...

What chapter will you write next?

A New EverAfter understands being lost in the woods and the feelings of disillusionment and hesitation that disorientation brings. The life that you are living today is not the one you had once dreamed for yourself and you long for a new story.

It is time to become—and embrace being—the author of your own life.

My name is Bethany Ward and I am a Spiritual Director and Inspirational Medium. Within A New EverAfter, I meet you at the intersection of the past and the future to help you identify and reinterpret the stories you develop and carry with you.

As you reclaim your personal story, you will find meaning and purpose in each element. A New EverAfter helps you to discover your own voice, develop a more positive narrative, and find your rightful place within the cosmic story.

As I walk alongside, you will learn how the measure of a great story is not the final chapter, but the intentional engagement of all its passages. This EverAfter is not about a perception of a happy ending but about redefining your present and rediscovering who you truly are: mindfully, holistically, and practically.

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