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There are times in your life when you might ask: What do I do when my world falls apart? Where can I find peace in the midst of uncertainty? Who can I turn to for guidance?

A New EverAfter understands the feeling of being lost in the woods, disillusioned and wanting more out of life. You have a desire to deepen your life experience but may lack the direction to do so.

Imagine if you could find clear guidance to make sense of your life's journey and have the tools that you need to step off of a circular path and into an illumined life. My name is Bethany Ward and I help you to foster a deeper sense of connection with, and find meaning within, the everyday life. A New EverAfter is the complete expression of my work.

I believe that you deserve to be contented and fulfilled no matter what you have previously faced. My work is centered on the joy of spiritual discovery while providing you with the skills you need to confidently create the next chapter of your life.

This EverAfter is not about a perception of a happy ending but about redefining your present and rediscovering who you truly are: mindfully, holistically, and practically.

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