In our fast-paced world, falling asleep to life has become far too easy: bills, work, sleep, repeat. We pour our effort into misplaced priorities, end up lost and disoriented, and then wonder why. Is this the only way to live?

Imagine if you could make sense of your life's journey and have the tools that you need to step off of a circular path and into an illumined life. Intentional Living helps you do just that. It invites you to take charge of your own story by recognizing the importance of conscious choices: what relationships you keep, your connection to the unseen, the spaces that surround you.

Through helping you live true to your own beliefs and values, A New EverAfter encourages you to grab the proverbial pen and intentionally create the next chapter of your life.

Forging a new path alone is hard; proper guidance is vital when stepping into an intentional life. I am Bethany Ward and I know the struggle all too well. There was a time in my life when I lost direction. Intentional Living not only oriented me, it offered me my most fulfilling chapters.

Through A New EverAfter, I now offer you the strong foundation that helped me build the skills and confidence needed to break out of old patterns and create a life of meaning and purpose. Today, I am here to help you reclaim what has always been available to you - an enchanted life.

Through private sessions of Spiritual DIrection, courses & programs, personalized readings, and inspiring goods, A New EverAfter helps you discover the peaceful and purposeful life that you are truly meant to live.

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Reflections for Enchanted Living

Tending the Holy: The Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction

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Looking for God? Look Lower

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Begin with the Raw Materials: A Reflection

I first saw our current home on an online realtor ad while visiting family down South. With just a few clicks through the agency's featured photographs, I knew this house would be ours.  A dialogue between this house and me began that day and--happy to say--it continues even now. At the time of ... VIEW POST