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My name is Bethany Ward and I am a Spiritual Director, Evidential Medium, educator, and published writer. 'A New EverAfter' is the most complete expression of this work.

'A New EverAfter' believes that true and lasting transformation occurs within the interplay of wisdom and wonder. It is housed within a life-enriching gathering place focused on personal development, self-discovery, and an uplifting shopping experience.

Here, you are encouraged to engage with the art and practice of one-on-one Spiritual Direction while simultaneously pausing to shop for inspirational items. You are also invited to gather with others within engaging classes and events, participate in online programming, and to directly experience the numerous benefits of intentional living.

'A New EverAfter' sees your life journey as a sacred story. My desire is to help you enrich, reframe, and celebrate that narrative. No matter how you choose to explore your story, together we will examine a new type of EverAfter, one that exalts the process and not the destination. This EverAfter is not about a perception of a happy ending but about redefining your present and rediscovering who you truly are; mindfully, holistically, and practically.

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Learning to move with Spirit

A New EverAfter began with the desire to serve the local community as a wellness cooperative dedicated to restoring wholeness and inspiring hearts. My business launched with filled notebooks carefully stacked in my home office, keepers of scribbled ideas, strategies, and objectives. I had so ... VIEW POST

Tending the Holy: The Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction

This sermon was delivered to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron by Spiritual Director Bethany Ward in June of 2018 To introduce you to the art and practice of Spiritual Direction--or any concept attempting to capture the human spirit, really--it helps to begin with a story. The story I am ... VIEW POST

Looking for God? Look Lower

This essay by Spiritual Director Bethany Ward was published in Braided Way Magazine: Faces and Voices of Spiritual Practice in October of 2018 I’ve encountered so many people who desperately want to lead spiritually fulfilling lives who have no idea how. People often seek out my work in an attempt ... VIEW POST